Team member grouping

I’m pretty new to Postman, especially on the collaboration part.
I’ve been using postman all the while for my personal works, now i need to use it for my office works also.

I’m using Postman free version.

My current setup now is…

  1. My Personal WS -->> this is under Personal Workspace Tab

    • Collection 1
    • Collection 2
  2. My Office Team WS -->> this is under Team Workspace Tab

    • Collection 3

I invited person A to Collection 1, then i invited person B to Collection 3.
After the person B accepted the invitation, he can see person A also in the team.

What i want to achieved is to separate the users from each other. So the users under my personal workspace cannot see office users, vice versa. I’m i doing wrong approach to setup this ?


Hi @dennysutanto,
You cannot invite people to a collection.
I think you might be confused with assigning roles to a collection.

So, let me explain this in short:

  1. You can add / remove members from a team workspace, and this team workspace contains multiple collections which are shared.

  2. When you invite someone to your team, that user becomes a part of your team and they can now see other team workspaces too.

The concept of a team and team workspaces is different, team workspaces are just workspaces where multiple people of a team can come together and collaborate.

Only the enterprise version of Postman allows you to create private workspaces, for eg: you and I belong to the same team, then I can still create a new team workspace in which I can add a team member and make it invisible to the rest of the people in my team.

Also, whatever collections you have in your personal workspaces, they remain only with you.
Whatever collections you share in a team workspace, are visible to all team members.

Taking up your case:

  1. If you add someone to your team, they can see all the workspaces and they can also see all the people that are part of the team.
    As explained above, only the enterprise version of Postman allows the concept of having private workspaces.
    So, Person A can see all the team workspaces exactly like Person B can see.
    They both can join these team workspaces too.

I hope that clarifies your doubt.

Hi @sivcan,

Sorry just being able to reply now. Thanks for your clear explanation.
I guess i have to go with Postman Enterprise then

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Hi @dennysutanto,

Hope you don’t mind me stepping in here. I’d be happy to answer your questions about Enterprise and guide you through next steps - could you send us an email at