My Workspace add to a Team after excepting and invite

I have had a Postman personal account for years and have a large number of collections in my personal workspace.

A while back one of the companies I consult with invited me to join there Team using my personal email. I accepted the invite and quickly could see their collections but notice that my original personal workspace had been added to the Team workspaces.

Well my work with this client is done and I now realize that if they remove me from the Team I will lose years of personal collections.

  1. How could this have happened? I belong to other company Teams using my same personal email and login with out issue.

2, How do I get my personla Account back? It seems like when I originally accepted the Team Invite (this was the first Team I joined) it convered my Personal account to a Team Account, now I cannot get back to a simple Personal Account.

  1. I do not want to start over with Postman using a new email. That would be insane. Seems like a bug in this system.


Hey @kevinlucier :wave:

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I believe that it might be related to this issue.

Could you please submit a support request here or email us directly at

This would be the quickest way for you to get to a solution :pray:

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