Converting team to personal workspace

I recently shared a number of work spaces with a co-worker. I would now like to move them from Team work spaces back to personal work spaces. Is there an easy way to do this, I am the admin on all work spaces.

I do not want to export and import the collections if it can be avoided.

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Hey @greg.mackey , you can manage workspace members in both postman app and postman dashboard , For more details please refer to this docs

Removing members does not return the work space to the personal category. At this point I do not believe it to be possible.

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Hey @greg.mackey, you’re right, a team workspace cannot be reverted to a personal workspace as of now. You can file a feature request on our issue tracker here.

However, there is an easy way to import everything from a workspace to another without exporting and importing using the Postman API.

What you want can be achieved using three API calls, which can be chained using a Postman collection. Here’s what the calls would look like.

  • Get the contents of a single workspace using the GET /workspaces/{{workspaceId}} endpoint and save the returned response in an environment variable. Reference

  • Create a new personal workspace using the POST /workspaces endpoint by using the saved response from the environment variable. Reference

  • You can then delete the older workspace using the DELETE /workspaces/{{workspaceId}}. Reference

Hope this helps.

This sounds similar to the feature request I posted, feel free to upvote it to let the Postman devs know you want this xD

I hate the idea that once a collection is moved to the Team Workspace you effectively can no longer work on it, as it’s shared and updated (in real time) with your team members.

Would be nice to have a copy of the collection on your local workspace where the owner can say “Yep, update the collection in the team workspace with the changes I’ve made to the local collection.”

Hey @pfarrell. We are actually in the process of introducing version control within postman, which is effectively targeted towards solving use cases like the ones you mention. We have a public RFC that goes in more detail about it.

Basically, you would be able to fork a collection and create a copy of it in your personal workspace to make changes that are not synced to your team members. Once you’re done making changes, you would be able to merge your forked collection to the original one, which would then be synced to all the team members.

Feel free to add your use cases in the RFC to help us improve the experience.


That’s exactly what I and my team want :slight_smile:

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Is there any news on this issue ?

What happens if I cancel my subscriptions with my team workspace ?

Need this feature to backtrack.

This is badly needed

This doesn’t address the initial use case of converting a team to a personal workspace. However, addresses some of the later comments by using git to collaborate with your team: Version Control in Postman

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