Workspace Permissions and Team Members


I’ve just upgraded our team to v7 hoping it would simplify some of the permission issues we’ve had. It could be that my understanding of the permission is wrong, it it simply doesn’t work in the way that I think its implying.

We have 3 workspaces and after upgrading to v7 and looking at the permission I was delighted to see that “Everyone in team” has the collaborator role:

What I found out shortly after though, is that members of the team still have to join this workspace and when they do they don’t get assigned a default permission. As the admin I was having to go and set everyones permission to Collaborator or Admin for each of the workspaces they wanted to join. Only then could they see the collections within the workspace. Is this intended behaviour, because if it is, what does the “Everyone in team” permission achieve ?

I have another question about collections…it seems that when somebody shares their collection to a team workspace only they have permission to modify the roles. This causes a massive problem if they go on holiday because somebody else can’t then add to their collection. That’s what I’d expect, but as a Team Admin, is there a way to take ownership of that collection so that I can then modify roles and allow people Editor access to the collection ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Greg_Purkis

Apologies for the delay. I do understand the confusion around the Collaborator/Admin role when the user joins the workspace. We are working on making this more intuitive but, this is the expected behavior in the latest version of the app. Please refer to the below useful article to know more about different roles & permissions available in Postman:


With regards to the admin having access to change the roles, unfortunately, that isn’t how it is designed. The Admin role has rights to make changes to the workspaces and not to the roles of collections within them. This right is yet reserved only to the owner of the collection. I would suggest you check with the above article, which should clarify your concerns with the permissions.