Sign in to Postman desktop app on non-default browser. Request better copy URL for login button

I am trying to sign in to the desktop Postman app on Windows 10.
Sign in button opens the default browser where I cannot login(Cannot negotiate, not possible).

I can login through an alternate browser which I cannot make the default browser.

Clicking on “copy the URL” and trying on the alternate browser where I have logged in gives me the error that “Sign-in link already used. Browser-based sign-in links can only be used once. Try signing in again.” because the default browser has already opened the page but I cannot login on that browser.

I cannot find any documentation on where to find this authorization token. That is a definite UX issue as the clicking the button mentions “To copy your token, select ‘use authorization token to sign in’ on the browser” but where do I find this? I have searched my Setting >Profile, Account, Active Sessions, API Keys and cannot find such a button anywhere.

Please fix this login workflow.
One option: Make the copy URL button create a new login session that is not automatically opened because that makes this copy URL button useless.

Paul Gaske faces the same problem and received no response.

After innumerable attempts, I have been able to close the default browser before it invalidates the URL. I copied the URL from the desktop app button and used it in my alternate browser and have been able to log in but this has been quite a frustrating experience.
Please improve this.

Hey @avinashnarendra :wave:

Can I as that you raise an issue, containing all the relevant details, on our Github Issue Tracker. :pray:

It’s the quickest way to get these types of problems in front of the development teams. As this is the Postman User Community Forum, things tend slip past us due to the high number of topics that are raised each day.