I want to use the Postman app and always get forwarded to the browser

My question: I need to use the Postman app, not the browser version.
It does not work.

Details (like screenshots):
Whenever I clik sign in, I am led to the browswer.
If i select “Skip an go to app” or “Skip and take me to the Postman Desktop App”, I am offered to sign in via browser
or I see the app but cannot sign in because when I click on sign in in the app, everything starts anew.
Why is that and how can I use the app on the desktop?

How I found the problem:
see above

I’ve already tried:
see above

Hi @meleva
Are you able to sign into your postman account through the browser or does that also not work? You will need to use the browser version only to log into your account and then you will be able to use the app from there. Also are you using a proxy or a VPN when attempting to log in?

Hi John,
Thank you. As mentioned, I did not get logged-in for the app. Tried it again today, and I guess there had been some technical issue on Postman-side, because today the procedure was different, I could log in and the login was smoothly transferred to the app. So, hope it stays this way.
Cheers, meleva