Cannot Sign In in postman desktop

Hello there,
I’m getting into trouble when I’m trying to login. After postman desktop open the browser, the page… keep reloading for hours, if I use InPrivate Tab, I can keep going to the login section. But after I submit the login form, the browser redirect me to, not open postman desktop or show an authenticate code.

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This seems like a similar question that was raised here - Is this your current experience?

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The mentioned question above isn’t similar to mine. I can’t even go to the login form page.

Based on the info, I thought I’d give it a shot - The image tells us more about the story so that’s great that you posted it.

Are you using a VPN are you behind any type of proxy/firewall that might block that request?

No, I’m not using any proxy or vpn, I have just logged in postman using this network few day ago. By the way, I can get throught the “check if the site connection is secure” using InPrivate Tab, but after I logged in, the web navigate me to postman browser page

Are you able to select/use the menu options on the Apps window to use this option:

This is using a Mac but you would have the equivalent in your OS.

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