Shared collections removed from team library

We have team members who have created and pushed collections up to the team library but these collections get deleted when the creator deletes the collection locally. How do we sticky collections so that if the collection creator deletes it then the team library will still keep a copy?

Hi @Meerkatjie! Collections are tied to the user, so there is currently no way of tying them to the team as a whole. The “user” in this case is automatically defined as the original author of the collection, though in the case of a user being removed from a team the admin will have the opportunity to transfer ownership of shared collections to another member of their team.

As long as a user has sync enabled, they can contact us over at about collection recovery. If the user is part of a Pro or Enterprise team, they will have the option to restore the collection from their Activity Feed (and of course contact us if they have any difficulty doing so).

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Thank you for the helpful response :smile: