Left the team (single member) lost the collections

I was a member of a team that I have created and I have never realised I was creating all of my collections in there until I get notification saying team has reached the limit and archived one of the old collections.

So naturally, I left the team and realised I have lost all my collections now and cannot go back and join the team again.

How do i bring them back now?


Hi @canerdoganNewday - if you left the team, then you won’t be able to access the collections associated with the team. Unless someone on the team can invite you back.

If not, then I suggest submitting a support ticket here:

The same thing happened to me. I created a team with just me and eventually most of my collections got archived since I reached a limit and had to upgrade to share. So I left the team and most collections are gone. I opened a support ticket so maybe there is some hope.

I found a couple of backup JSON files in %appdata%/Postman. I verified some of my missing requests were in it so I created a new temp workspace and used the import button to start up the import and dragged the most recent of the two json files into the import and everything was recovered.

I initially had 2 workspaces and the json file had all the requests from both imported into the new collection.

Hi @gardavis/ @canerdoganNewday

Sorry to hear about the loss of collections. Glad that you were able to recover the same from the auto backup created within the Postman folder :slight_smile:

We recently have made a significant improvement in the data of users and will now be able to recover the same from your disabled team to your personal workspace.

If you are facing the same issue, please write to us at help@getpostman.com with the name of your disabled team and the workspace for which you would want us to transfer those collections.