Removing user no longer on the team?

So we have “Postman Pro (Monthly) for 4 Users”, and one of the team has left the company. But they authored many shared collections. I’m unsure what we need to do in order to not lose all that work when we remove the user, because they’re no longer a person that can login.

@chuck.wagner you can do this from Postman Dashboard. Go to your team page and then to the profile of the user who is leaving/you want to remove. There you will see all the collections shared by that user. You can also choose to share those collections in some other workspace.

Remember that any collection shared by the user with the team will not be removed even if that user is removed.

Are there any resources besides collections that will not continue to exist in the team workspace when a user’s deleted? Environments or monitors are of specific concern.

@prashant_postman I think the ownership needs to be transferred to other users before the user can be deleted (as far as I remember).

@chuck.wagner Just in case, I would highly recommend syncing your collections with Git as a backup. It is always good to have a backup - you never know.