Collections Deleted

Today a co-worked attempted to share his collections with my by creating a team.
I accepted his invitation, but we soon realized this wouldn’t work for us, so he shared his collections with me one by one.
I then left the team he created.
He then left & deleted the team he had created.

Now all of my collections have vanished.
They are no longer synced
They are no longer stored locally either.

I tried Installing Canary and copying the DB - No Dice

I can see some of my Old Collections within my Activity History on the web.
When I click on them I get this error:

You don’t have access to this

This collection belongs to another team.
To access it, switch accounts.

Somebody please tell me there is a way to get my collections back.
This seems to be a common issue, but fixes that have resolved it for others have so far been unsuccessful for me.