Lost all collections in my personal workspace

Hello everybody,

all my collections are removed from my workspace. First, I have created all collections myself (over years),then joined a team and then left the team. Now all collections are removed. Is there any way to get all my collections back? Please help me.

Thanks in advance

Hey @endnic_BAD,

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That doesn’t sound good - Are you able to give us a bit more context please?

  • Were you signed into your account during the time when you were creating the original Collections?
  • Were the Collections shared in a Team Workspace?
  • Was this a Team that you created and then left or do you join someone else’s Team?
  • Can you see the Collections here - https://go.postman.co/me/collections ?

Hi @dannydainton,

thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes sure!
I create all collections and environments with the mac osx desktop client and i was always logged in into my personal account. All changes should be synced every time.

I wanted to share my collections with a colleague. He created the team that I joined.

Today I left the team because it was no longer necessary to share my collections. I also can’t see any collections on the link you posted. :frowning:

On the desktop client I can see any custom requests within the history tab. In the activity stream on the webpage I see some activities.

If I select a collecton name I got an “Access denied” error.

Is it possible to restore my data?

Many thanks for your help.

Were the Collections shared with your colleague before you left the Team?

Have you sign out / signed it since this happened?

Yes, but he got 25 Request only because we are using the free account. I got the hint that the free acount only allow sharing of 25 request. I wanted to stop this and left the team.

Yes i do but sign out and sign in again does not affect. Neither on the desktop app nor the web client