Share and remove collection from current workspace

When I click on Share and Remove collection from Current workspace, it does share the collection to New workspace, But does not remove from current workspace:

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:

  1. Selected a Collection
  2. Clicked on Remove from workspace
  3. Selected “Share” Option
  4. As shown in above image, selected the workspace and Content Says - Share and Remove from Current workspace

Actual Result: It will only share the collection to new workspace. I again have to manually perform first two steps.

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@srinivas.skc Welcome to the community :partying_face:

It’s working for me, if I select the option 2 the collection is shared as expected.

Can you please check again from you side :blush:? BTW which version of Postman you are using?

And if you still have any issue, please submit a support ticket.

Postman Details:

Postman v8.3.0

Desktop Application

Step 1:

  1. Selected a Collection from Workspace - New (Personal Workspace)
  2. Clicked on Remove from workspace
  3. Click on Share Link
  4. Selecting the workspace - Old (Personal Workspace)

Actual Result:

It is now working, after restart of the computer.
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