Collection management

I am new to collection management and wanted to know the best way to manage collections. I think if I share a collection from one workspace to another, I can go ahead and delete the collection out of the originating workspace and it will remain in the destination workspace. Is this the case?

Hi @alvin.milton,

Welcome to the Postman community! The correct option would be to go ahead and select “Remove from workspace” for the collection you want to remove from the workspace as shown in the attached image

Please be aware that “Delete the collection” will delete the collection from all the workspaces.

I’d also export JSON backups of your collection/environments before performing merges/deletes just in case :stuck_out_tongue: Because you never know haha

Yep I tried it with an empty collection, shared it to the destination workspace then removed from the originating workspace.

The only problem is that I also had to do the same for variables in the environment pane.

There is probably a way to do both at the same time with the postman api.

Hi @alvin.milton,

An environment is manually selected for each collection and the same environment can be used by multiple collections, therefore they are independent of each other.
You can go ahead and share the environment variables to the target workspace by navigating to the “your_team_domain/me/environments” and clicking on share or as you suggested by using Postman API.Please note that getting your collections and getting your environments would be two separate API calls.

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