Remove previously-shared collections from workspace without deleting them


Is there any way to “un-share” or remove a previously-shared collection from workspaces without deleting it?

We’ve been using Postman for a long time and have a large number of workspaces and collections, many of which go back to the old days of sharing collections between multiple workspaces. We still have quite a lot of these shared collections which exist in multiple workspaces, especially due to the “Team Library” migration to “Team Workspace” mess.

We’ve mostly just ignored this since we couldn’t find a way to migrate these collections to the current “one workspace per collection” model. However, it’s starting to become a hassle, since newer Postman features assume that a collection is only in one place. For example, when trying to add collections to the Private API Network, only environments in the “first” workspace can be selected. It’s also risky because people don’t realize that deleting a collection in one place (such as someone’s Personal Workspace) deletes it everywhere.

When viewing a collection in a workspace, the only options I can see to address this are Move and Delete. Moving doesn’t work, because it says the collection already exists in the workspace I want it to live in. Deleting and restoring from trash is really bad, because it deletes it for everyone, permanently loses related items like monitors, and also the revision history, roles, etc.

So, is there an alternative way to un-share collections without deletion?

To be clear: this is the old share feature I’m referring to: What Happened to Sharing a collection/environment across Workspaces