Collections: Delete & Remove from workspace


I would like to know the difference between the following options available to a collection in postman ui

To me both looks same and does the something, it removes the collection from my work space, so I can not access it again from postman web etc, So i am like I lost the collection for forever.

Is there any intended differences between these options ? or is it just redundant now ?

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Delete will the delete the collection, remove will only remove it from the Workspace you are removing it from. You could then always add the collection back in to the Workspace.

Thanks @jeronimus_tui
But if the collection is present only in one particular work space, and If I ‘remove’ it from the that work space, is it possible to get it back ?

Yes, even if you remove the collection from the last workspace it’s still possible to recover that collection.
You can head over here and restore the collection to a workspace.

Also, if you delete the collection then the ‘Trash’ feature can help you with recovery:


Thanks @sivcan
That answers all my queries, thanks much :blush:

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If you end up with this screen

These might be the correct links