Scratch pad - Not able to login

select setting > Scratch pad > Import a collection > click on … View more

Click on create documentation . Postman pops for sign in or new user.

Login never asks for username or password. Is this happens to me or a bug

Note: If user not allowed to create documentation or create monitor or mock server in Scratch pad do we need a option there?

There are certain features in the platform that you need to create an account, in order to use them.

Do you already have a Postman account set up?

I have my collections at

Is that same account or any special account?

I’d that’s using an account that you have signed up with then, yes. :grin:

From there, are you able to navigate to a Personal Workspace?

no. It prompts me for sign in and no ask for username or pass.

Might be Scratch pad used offline. postman doesnt allow to switch back.

Scratch pad is for offline/local use. If you have an account, then you can switch between the Scratch pad and the normal workspaces view.