Postman 8: bringing scratch pad into a workspace

I just upgraded from Postman 7.x to 8.0.2. I’d been using 7.x without bothering to create an account. When 8 asked me if I’d like to create one, I figured that I might as well go ahead with it. Now in the app, I have a “scratch pad” with all of my existing collections and an empty workspace. Is there an easy way to bring all of my collections over to the workspace from the scratch pad or do I need to export/import them?


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During the new account creation on V8, you would have been given an option to move the data from the Scratch pad over to a Workspace.


Unfortunately, if you didn’t take this option at the time, you will need to do an export from the Scratch pad into a Workspace. :frowning:


Huh. That dialog never popped up for me. Oh, well. At least I just have 4 collections to export/import. Thanks!


Hey @mpassell

That’s odd. Would it be possible to send over the logs to so we can take a look at why the import prompt wasn’t shown?

You can find the logs at View -> Developer -> View logs in Finder/Explorer.

@kamalaknn Sure. I can do that once I’m out of a meeting. Two questions: should I reference this topic in the email? Do I need to be concerned about what info is in the logs? In other words, do any URLs/headers/etc from my requests get logged?

  1. You can reference a link to this topic in your email.
  2. The logs should not contain any information about your collections or requests. If you’d like you can open up the logs and remove portions you feel are sensitive.

I went ahead and sent the logs to the help email address. While scanning the files for sensitive info, I noticed a fair number of messages like this:

[3466][1585167065378][main][warn][“CloudProxyManager~init: Error while reading proxy configuration from user data - “,{“errno”:-2,“code”:“ENOENT”,“syscall”:“open”,“path”:”/Users/mpassell/Library/Application Support/Postman/Postman_Config/proxy”,“name”:“Error”,“message”:“ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/Users/mpassell/Library/Application Support/Postman/Postman_Config/proxy’”,“stack”:“Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/Users/mpassell/Library/Application Support/Postman/Postman_Config/proxy’”}]

Is that normal or could the issue be related to that/those?

@kamalaknn It’s being tracked as ticket# 66247 if you wanted to take a look. Thanks!

@dannydainton How would I export a collection from the scratch pad in Postman 8? As you can see from this screenshot, there isn’t an export menu item in a collection’s context menu. That’s where I would have looked in v7.x

If you open a collection in a new tab, on the right side of the Collection View you’ll see 3 dots, the export option can be found there.

The export option will be added back into that menu, watch out for new upcoming versions.

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Thank you @mpassell for sending the logs across. We were able to find the root cause of the issue. We will be pushing a fix in the next release to prompt users if they want to setup their workspace from their scratchpad on sign up.


I hadn’t realized how simple it would be to do a full export from the scratch pad and import into a workspace! Thanks to Anthony S. from Support for sending me this gif.


You can also bring that data in using the Import option :trophy:


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OMG, Finally the answer. The GIF and these details needs to be put into the postman docs and linked to from The data recovery.

I had no idea that when I switched to an online environment that my local collections were still available from the “scratchpad” and that’s from the gear in the upper right. Would have been nice that the MacOS version has a menu option to switch to the scratch pad


Thank you so much for sharing the gif!

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All my collections and environment disappeared when I logged in Postman.

~I feel blind and dumb, but …where do you see the scratch pad?~

Found the option a minute later, it’s here

All my previous stuff is there. Phew :relaxed:


Thank you so very much for this.

TBH, however, the whole interface is not very intuitive to a new user like myself. I’m sure i’ll be able to be more specific the longer I continue my classwork and developing, however for now i’ll just say that working in “local” mode vs “online” mode and moving data between doesn’t seem like something that should be this complicated.

i.e. I kept looking for a simple way to tell if I could access offline data while online, something like “uploading” or “dragging and dropping” my existing content.


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Thank you so much!!!

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This GIF is super helpful!!!