Postman Scratchpad disappeared when I signed In

My question

  1. Working within Postman in ‘scratchpad’ mode, not logged-in
  2. Using the inbuilt “run tests” system
  3. After some time of using this (weeks), I was then forced by Postman licencing to login, as the tests will refuse to run and the message “sign up or login” appears.
  4. On logging in I assumed that my previous work would be saved - it did not. After signing in and staying in scratchpad mode, there are no collections nor requests. My work is lost at this stage.

Why was my scratchpad work removed after I was forced to login ? More importantly - how do I recover it ?

How do I switch back to the previous “scratchpad mode”, as that seems to be impossible now. There are no options to change from Workspace to Scratchpad in any menu.

Same here, Postman destroyed all my work, no trace of it.
The only positive note is that I now have an account to post about Postman destroying my work.

Same here, I was scared of losing my work after logging in, but i figured out you can open the Scratchpad containing your old work by hitting the Settings icon on the top right and selecting “Scratch Pad”.


Thanks, you saved my hours.

To save anyone else from having to dig further if they have also lost scratch pad data after logging in

Cog in the top right of postman

Then Data → Migrate Data (Migrate all your Scratch Pad data to workspace)

Should bring back all your collections

Yes it gave me a heart attack too when I couldn’t find years of work after being forced to log in


This question and other questions that users have raised about the Scratchpad EOL and the new Lightweight API Client, can be found on the announcement blog.