Where did all my collections go?!

I have no idea what happened, but when I “upgraded” to Postman 10, my hundreds of requests in various workspaces (and the workspaces themselves) are all gone!

I have a backup file (JSON), but there is no obvious way to RESTORE it.

I have no idea what happened, and I do NOT care about Syncing with Postman central. I just want my local data back, including all my workspaces that took YEARS to create.

I trusted POSTMAN.

What do I do?



Hey @pm2023pm :wave:

Were you using Scratch Pad? Do you mean Collections or Workspaces?

Your Scratch Pad data can be Exported from the signed out Lightweight API Client, using ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Export data menu option. If your collections or environments contained data within the variable Current value, these will not be part of that exported file.

However, to Import these back into Postman, you will need to be signed in to the platform.

From a signed in account, you can use the ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Migrate data menu option, which will bring all of your Scratch Pad data into a new Workspace.

If you face any issues with the exporting or migrating process, please reach out to us on migrate@postman.com. :pray:

Yes, I meant collections, sorry.

Thanks, but why must I have “an account”?

I really don’t want a POSTMAN account; I just want to use POSTMAN locally.

Sounds like you’ve removed that simple desired use-case as an option.



More details on the change be found here:

You will need an account (You actually already have one by posting on this forum) to use Collections, Environments and a lot of other free features on the Postman platform.

Right, I just don’t want an account.

I would like the POSTMAN I used for years, not the current iteration you think I need.

Can I down(right)-grade?


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You would have needed to create an account to post on this forum, so you already have one.

In the latest version of Postman, you will need to be signed in to use those features - plus all the other free features that are provided to signed in users.

If you decide that it’s not how you’d like to proceed or doesn’t work for your context, that’s completely fine. We have provided options for users to Export all their data.

We would absolutely LOVE you to continue to using Postman but we understand if that’s something that’s not going to work for you. :pray:

Hello, I’ve also lost years of tabs from postman with this forced upgrade.

I don’t want an account, I don’t want confidential stuff on your servers, I don’t want to run calls from the web - I can’t imagine any serious dev does.

I just wanted to send a few http posts, man.

I’ll find something else.

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From my perspective, they seem to be tone deaf to user’s wants and needs. That’s sad.

I rarely continue with a “take it or leave it” approach per their last reply to me. → (“We would absolutely LOVE you to continue to using Postman but we understand if that’s something that’s not going to work for you.”)

I think what they mean is you can export your collection and move it somewhere else. There are some good open source tools out there that support Postman collection importing.

I still think it’s pretty unbelievable that they’re doing this, because they’re such a household name for HTTP API testing.

Thanks…I took what they said to mean what you said, but also, implicitly, that they aren’t changing one iota.

Would you please tell me some of the open source tools?

My Java IDE is really strong with creating these HTTP test URLs, for example.

"I want, I want! "

So many people moaning, you all seem to believe you’re entitled to something when in reality you’re using a FREE tool! …

I mean, seriously?? … You spent years using a FREE tool, didn’t back up your work?? and thought that at no point further down the line, the 3rd party company might want to change the way things work??

Even Insomnia have done exactly the same thing … why is this sort of decision such a surprise to people??

A business wants to trim costs by no longer developing a segregated tool that earns them NO money?? … SHOCKING!!

You mean non-paying users right?.. Do you really believe a company would continue to spend, who knows how much, developing a free tool FOREVER, when they had the opportunity to consolidate everything into one place, just because some free tier users say “I want”?

I was always taught, “Nothing good in life is free”… So best of luck to you all in finding an alternative that stays free to use forever!

So, charge me. I never said I expect free forever. Please don’t put (implied) words in my mouth.

After I pay, just let me work how I want.

No account.




I do not think it’s a matter of free or paid for, simply because many myself included asked for a paid for local option but it’s not even being considered.

They make enough money already to support everything they want IMHO the devs are just tired of supporting 2 different codebases.

Basically even if you pay enough when someone is already fat they will not do work they don’t like for you, so best looking for alternatives from people that are not that affirmed on the market and throw some more money their way.


Postman messed up with local collection after signing in.
Shame on you guys. Forcing developers to signing in and deleting their local data.

Also there is no way to use lite and signed in version at same time. Loosing local data is only way it seems

No data has been deleted @material-cosmologi15 and you also don’t need to be signed in to Export it either.

You can use the Lightweight API Client (Signed out version) to Export your Scratch Pad data or once you sign in to an account, you can Migrate the data in a new Workspace.

Both of these options can be accessed via the ⚙️ > Settings > Data view.

Any issue with this process, please reach out to us on migrate@postman.com.

Hello All,

As the resolution for the original question (The location of the Scratch Pad data) was answered here:

I’m going to close this topic out before it starts heading in multiple different directions. :pray:

If there are any further questions or concerns, please reach out to us on migrate@postman.com.