Collections in lightweight client

In regards to the topic that has been closed recently: Collections not displayed after update - #8 by danny-dainton

So how exactly does one use collections now for people who literally can’t connect the postman client to an account (login = literally impossible)?

Exporting my settings is all well and good, but the other side of the equation is missing.

And in regards to the banner announcing the changes, is it possible that this banner was not displayed due to the nature of the environment?

Should I ask the infrastructure people to downgrade the postman version used to avoid this, and if yes, which version?

With the new version it is no longer possible to use collections without logging in and storing it on the postman cloud, if you want to downgrade you need to get to a 9.X version as the 10.X branch cannot be used, or move to another tool like insomnia or testfully or similar that offer scratchpad like functionality.

both insomnia and testfully are actively working on this features since postman discontinued them, but not everything that was available in postman is supported yet.

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Hey @research-astronomer2 ,

Can you please give more details on why login is impossible? Is is a directive from your IT department?

What’s currently preventing you from doing your job @fxstar6931?

You already have a Postman account, you would need one to post a message on the forum. You have the capability of signing into Postman with that and using the same features that you would have used previously.

Rather than posting messages like that one, let’s discuss the problems that you’re facing and have an actual conversation around that.

My collections and tab history are gone. Yes, I knew Scratchpad was deprecated, because the client warned me about it every day. The way I understood it, the lightweight API was to stay local but it was not made clear that collections and tab history would disappear.

The problem is the same problem that everyone else here has – namely that I do not want to sign into Postman. Doing so exposes me to risk and provides zero benefit to me. Can anyone here please acknowledge, understand, and respect that?

The fact that I already have an account is immaterial.

Please provide us with an old version of the client, and we will happily stop hassling you and go about our lives. :grinning:

Appreciate you removing the previous message and responding.

Did you read the announcement blog post we released back in May, that was linked to that Scratch Pad EOL message you saw?

It was very clear in stating what was contained within the Lightweight Client and what was not going to be in there.

Without signing into Postman, you will be limited to the functionality of the Lightweight API Client.

Your Scratch Pad data can be Exported from the Lightweight API Client using the ⚙️ > Settings > Data menu option.

In terms of the security concerns which are more than likely the reasons why that could pose a risk - Here’s some additional information around our security measures and processes that you may not be aware of.

If you require more security based information and a set of FAQs, you can find that here:

Here is the regulation and compliance information that we have obtained and our continuously audited against:

You can download and review all the latest security reports from here:

If you need more granular information or specific questions answered, please reach out to us at

Insomnia implemented a similar feature and quickly backed it out.

It really doesn’t matter how secure your cloud repo is. If a company doesn’t want its intellectual property (or insights into said property) exported from their premises that’s their choice. This forcing saved collections into the cloud is, IMHO a very bad design choice and has driven me to look for alternatives. The only reason I’m posting here is that I have a long history with Postman and believed it to be superior to all others. My hope is the developers will see this eventually. By all means, add the capability but don’t take away the local option!

Postman’s direction has been very clear from when we announced the changes back in May. I can’t speak for Insomnia and their decisions.

Running and using Postman locally can be done with the Lightweight API Client in the signed out state which allows you to build and send HTTP, WebSocket, gRPC, and GraphQL requests to test your APIs.

In order to use Collections, Environments and a number of other features, a free account will need to be created. This has been created already as you would have required one to post within the Community Forum.

If this is not an option for your context, your data can be Exported from the Lightweight API Client using the ⚙️ > Settings > Data menu option.

In terms of Postman’s position on Security and Trust, the various links to the information has been previously posted in this thread.

This topic has been closed as the same information (Blogs, Learning Center Links, Data Export/Migration Process and the Security and Trust Sections) has been posted several times.