Can I import collections without signing in?

I’ve been using postman for years. For personal use, I have an account and use the cloud but this isn’t allowed at work. I received a new computer at work and just installed postman. Now it seems that I must login to save my requests, or to import collections from my old computer.

I know how to skip the login when I start up. After that, I can make a request but I can’t save it.

When trying to import my old collections (JSON), I am asked to login. In the past I didn’t have to login to do this.

The import screen requires a cURL, or for you to sign-in. I don’t see the option to drag & drop files anymore.

Has something changed, or am I missing something?
How do I import my old collections without logging in?

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We made a announcement back in May about sunsetting Scratch Pad and introducing the New Lightweight Postman API Client.

There is a section at the bottom of the blog post that addresses a lot of the questions that have been frequently asked around this upcoming change.

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