Postman startup bug PostmanAgent 0.4.4, linux-5.13.0-35-generic on x64

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My question:

  • installed latest desktop agent (from postman website)
  • unzipped and ran ‘Postman Agent’
  • Chrome not detecting the agent as started up

Details (like screenshots):
**** STARTUP LOG ****
c4r4mel@c4r4mel:~/Downloads/postman/postman$ ./Postman\ Agent
1647387886019 main info “Booting PostmanAgent 0.4.4, linux-5.13.0-35-generic on x64”
1647387886024 main info “InitHelpers~createDefaultWorkingDir - Default working dir creation already attempted”
1647387886031 main info “UpdateHandler~init - Success”
1647387886253 main info “WebsocketAgent~start - Listening on port”,10533
LinuxAutoUpdater~Cleanup - Initial cleanup successful

How I found the problem:
For some reason postman stopped working as above, so I thought it might just be out of date, but updating did not work as seen above.

I’ve already tried:

  • deleting ~/.postman
  • deleting shortcut to postman and all old installations
  • downloading latest
  • running latest.