Desktop Agent Unavailable

Dear community,
I’ve installed Postman on Windows.
When I try to hit Send, I’m told the Desktop Agent is unavailable.
Moreover, when I open the windows toolbar tray I can see the Postman icon, which says it’s disconnected.

Any suggestions as to how to proceed would be most appreciated!

Hi @BasfordJFenics

Welcome to the community :wave:

May I know if you have selected the “Desktop” agent from the Play icon on the footer of the app?

Screenshot 2020-09-25 at 3.49.14 PM

Also, try refreshing the page once connected - if the issue persists.

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Thank you @subramanya.raj !

This is what I see from the Play icon.

When I open the tray on my Windows toolbar, it seems like Postman is installed but disconnected and listening on port 10533.

This seems related but I’m not sure how to go about getting Postman to connect.
Any guidance would be very much appreciated!

It seems to be the same thing experienced here on this conversation but there wasn’t a satisfactory solution to this: Postman Agent Disconnected

@BasfordJFenics Could you click on “Check for Updates” and restart the agent - see if that helps? Once done, refresh the page and that should help you get connected in a while.

Also, I suggest you try testing with different browsers if the issue persists.

Hi @subramanya.raj,

I followed your instructions but no change I’m afraid.

I installed the Desktop Again without System Admin privileges though… could that be an issue?

I’m having the exact same issue in Mac OS. I have checked for updates in postman agent, reinstalled it, tried it in Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser. All with no success.

Any help on solving this would be greatly appreciated.

Having exactly the same issue on Chrome, developer logs show the following:

[5508][1600687798485][main][info][“Booting PostmanAgent 0.2.1, win32-10.0.17763 on x64”]
[5508][1600687798492][main][warn][“Postman Agent~Main~populateInstallationId: Failed to get installationId from agentSettings but with no error”]
[19196][1600687812508][main][info][“Booting PostmanAgent 0.2.1, win32-10.0.17763 on x64”]
[19196][1600687812524][main][info][“InitHelpers~createDefaultWorkingDir - Default working dir creation already attempted”]
[19196][1600687812525][main][info][“UpdateHandler~init - Success”]
[19196][1600687813725][main][info][“WebsocketAgent~start - Listening on port”,10533]
[19196][1600687813744][main][info][“AutoLaunch: Enabled as the default behaviour.”]
[19196][1600687813746][main][info][“AutoLaunch: Enabled”]
[19196][1600687813805][main][info][“AutoLaunch: isAutoLaunchDefaultBehaviourSet is set and persisted.”]
[19196][1600687813858][main][warn][“Error while checking for update”,{“error”:{“message”:“request to failed, reason: read ECONNRESET”,“type”:“system”,“errno”:“ECONNRESET”,“code”:“ECONNRESET”},“status”:1}]
[19196][1600687813859][main][warn][“Error while checking for update”,{“error”:{“message”:“request to failed, reason: read ECONNRESET”,“type”:“system”,“errno”:“ECONNRESET”,“code”:“ECONNRESET”},“status”:1}]
[19196][1600688438823][main][info][“Quitting app”]

@BasfordJFenics @randobo Sorry to hear that the issue persists. One thing to note, as of now - Postman Agent doesn’t work behind Proxy and in Safari.

Apart from that if you are still unable to connect to Postman Web, please provide any information that could help the team look further into this in the below GitHub threads. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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It would be great if your app could give some messaging like “Postman agent doesn’t work with Safari!” that would be a huge timesaver as this page took some effort to find - generic terms like “Postman” and “Agent” and all…


I’m really surprised to find postman (it’s been 1 year since I last used it), which no longer works, the solution is in agony with a pseudo web page serving as an interface with a local server for the use while avoiding cors, what did you do with the first desktop version which worked so well and which made your prestige, give it back to us. I just spent 2 hours before seeing these messages and understand that your solution is obsolete and does not work … I am very deeply disappointed with the regression of the postman solution and I hope you will come back to your steps or make corrections in as quickly as possible in order to make your services functional again

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