Can someone tell me why Postman rarely lauches?

My question: Can someone tell me why Postman rarely launches? It’s infuriating when I need to get work done. It works about 40% of the time. - I try to launch the app from the desktop and nothing happens. I read in a forum that I need to run an update, but how can I update Postman if I can’t open it to select update? If I go to Postman’s website via Chrome, then login, I can see my Workspace, but can’t run any commands; It tells me that I have to run Desktop Agent. Desktop agent is clearly running. I even updated the agent.
If I go to the directory location of Postman.exe and Update.exe, nothing happens when I try to execute these files. - It’s strange because this was working yesterday and nothing has changed. I’ve never worked with an app that is so unreliable. What other app on earth doesn’t open when you double-click on it? I can’t think of one. I could probably think of one if I go back in time 25 years.

Appreciate help and an understanding as to why this is happening. Do I need to have a super computer with tons of ram and disk space?