Lost all collections; Last logged in during late 2022

Novice who is starting over after about two years!

If I recall correctly, I last logged into Postman during late 2022.

Just logged in today and all of my collections and hard work appears to no longer exist!

Surely, there is a method that will allow me to re-capture all of the work that I previously completed!

How do I restore my collections?

Can start over and re-learn everything but it would be great to pick up from where I left off instead of re-building everything!

Thanks in advance for any assistance/insight!

Hey @cetspace25 :wave:

Were you previously using Postman without an account or in the Scratchpad mode?

If so, you should be able to use the ⚙️ > Settings > Data menu options to Migrate the data into a new Workspace.

When you updated your version, did you see the Scratchpad depreciation warning displayed on the screen, with the information about your data?

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