All workspaces and collections have disappeared

This is 03/2024, and I have not opened Postman for 3-4 weeks. After opening it today, I have nothing, and all attempts with Scratch Pad did not work. All my work has vanished since I used Postman online sync. The last update in local files I see was in 2021. Is there any way to get the data back? If not, can I downgrade this thing to see if this makes any difference?

Hey @freewalker2000,

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Your Scratchpad data is safe and accessible via the ⚙️ > Settings > Data menu options.

You can either choose to export this data or Migrate the data into a new Workspace.

No, I do not have any data in Scratchpad. This is what I said in my original post.
Any other option?

I’m not sure which version you have as you didn’t mention that. Have you updated the platform recently?

Were you previously using a signed out account or have you always had an account?

I have the latest, I think.
I have been using Postman since 2018. It worked across multiple machines, and I use the same account everywhere.
Desktop - shows the workspace as if I never connected.
Laptop - cannot even sync up. It goes in an endless connection loop.
The same version is on both.

Hi @freewalker2000

All your work in the Scratch Pad is stored locally and isn’t synced online with Postman. If you’ve changed computers recently, this might be the reason why you’re unable to see any of your work. Can you:

  • Ensure you’re using the latest version of Postman
  • Try Danny’s suggesstion on a Computer you’ve previously used Postman on

Did you read that just above your post or do not care?

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