How Do I Recover My Project Data

Hi everyone, it’s the first time I’ve asked for support and I hope to be able to explain my problem which unfortunately starts from afar.

I had installed a version of Postman and had never logged in, even though I had the active user.

I had my projects saved in the workspace with all the configurations.
At a certain point, about a month ago, the workspace disappeared… now to see the workspace and be able to import new projects I have to log in.
But now my workspace is no longer there.

I saw, also because I had used it in the past to recover all the projects, that in the C:\Users\userneme\AppData\Roaming\Postman\IndexedDB\file__0.indexeddb.leveldb directory there is the configuration of my workspace, when not I logged in.

The question is: can I recover all the information present and review the configuration as before, without having to re-import all the projects and having to reconfigure them? I have a lot of difficulty redoing the configuration, not to mention that I don’t remember many parameters. Thank you

Hey @Enrico.1964 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

Were you using the Scratch Pad (non logged in user) and have now created an account?

If that is the case, from the signed in user - Use the ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Migrate data option, this will move off of the Scratch Pad data into a new Workspace.

Thank You So much!!!

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