Postman only runs once after each installation

I’ve installed Postman-win64-6.6.1-Setup on my Windows and every second time I get a prompt to contact and then the loading screen just sits there and cycles.

Any clues? I don’t see any logs in my Postman folder

Hey, @MarkFolse

I’m not sure what’s causing the issue, but you could try installing a newer version, maybe 6.7 or higher (it is usually recommended that the latest version be installed… )

Also, is the app running on Windows Task Manager?
I’ve seen similar problems while starting the app, where a blank splash screen would appear - which is usually due to a GPU issue. Maybe disable GPU acceleration?

There’s a GitHub post I found that has been repeatedly referenced as the workaround for such an issue. Try it out.

Sorry if none of that helped. :confused:

Hi @MarkFolse,

If the issue still persists, could you try to follow the instructions given in the below article and let us know if that doesn’t help:

Same issue here. But not only that it cannot be fount after first use, even now when it is active and running, I cannot find a single executable file in %appdata%\Postman folder and its subfolders! Where is it running from?!

I have 64-bit Win 10 and installed version is Postman-win64-7.12.0-Setup.exe