New Windows app installation, black screen

I’m an experienced developer/technician but just now getting my absolute first experience with Postman. :balloon:

I loaded the WinX64 app over Win8.1 and rebooted. On start it takes a LONG time to open up. Then it shows the top menu and a black main area. I can choose menu options, and over a long period of time the main area changes to tan, black, or white. It’s apparently doing something but the UI does not display.

The app is being run as Administrator. I had no joy without that. It was installed as Administrator too, and my user has admin rights. I have a ton of other tools on this system like Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio, NodeJS, and others. I’m guessing there is some dependency conflict.

The SquirrelSetup.log doesn’t go beyond "Program: About to launch … Postman.exe.

What can be done to diagnose and remedy this issue?


@CaptainStarbuck Can you try this

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As stated by another: Setting the “POSTMAN_DISABLE_GPU” environment flag to true did the trick.

Thanks @sivcan!