Postman hangs on splash screen

Hello Postman Community,

Since I updated to V6 it happens 1 of every 3 times approximately that postman hangs on the startup screen and nothing happens even after a few minutes of activity.

Does anyone know what could be happening?


I am running Win 7 x64 on an i5 with 16 GB ram

This seems odd.

I need few debug information from you.
Please send the following debugging information to help[at]getpostman[dot]com from your registered email Id.

  1. Logs from shared DevTools

View -> Developer -> ShowDevTools (shared) (Right click and Save as)
In the dev tools console, paste the following code and copy the results.

(function (copy) {
let data = {};
return pm.models.workspace.find({}).then((workspaces) => { data.workspaces = workspaces; data.user = localStorage.getItem('user'); data.migrationContext = localStorage.getItem('migrationContext'); data.workspaceBootstrapStatus = localStorage.getItem('workspaceBootstrapStatus'); }).then(() => { console.log(JSON.stringify(data)); copy(data); });
  1. Logs from cmd.

Kindly open the app using cmd
in cmd, open


USER = your machine username
VERSION = postman app version

I was experiencing this with both the standard and canary versions on Windows 10.

From running the .exe from the command line (Windows 10), the cause of the problem on my machine appears to be that Postman was trying to rename a folder in ...\AppData\Local\PostmanCanary and getting an access denied error.

Solution steps (Windows 10):

  1. Kill all running instances of Postman. I did this using handle.exe "postman" and taskkill /f /pid <pid> using the process id of each running instance of Postman.

  2. Edit the folder security to grant the user that Postman runs under “modify” permission on the folder. Use the Advanced button to replace all child permissions with inheritable permissions (checkbox at the bottom of the dialog).

Currently, I am facing the same issue with my Mac, adding to that unable to open the app.

Please look into the error message below when I open the app,

Since I am restricted to add only 1 image per post, adding my Mac information below.