Postman Interceptor Bridge Download Failing

I need to set up Postman Interceptor to pull cookie information for use in the API calls. We were able to get the Postman Interceptor Chrome Extension installed, but in Postman it asks me to install the Postman Interceptor Bridge. Every time I try, it fails.
I get the error code: INTERNET_CONNECTIVITY

The server has internet connectivity - I can reach normal internet sites, so the only thing I can think of is that a firewall is blocking the request.

Is there a way to manually install the bridge component? If so, where can I find the steps for that?

If there is not a way to manually install the component, what port is this reaching out on and to what IP? If I know that, I can check with our network team to see if that is blocking it

Forgot to add: This is windows server

@hal_g_poyta you can check whether these domains .*, .*, .* are whitelisted or not. If these domains are not whitelisted, please whitelist them and retry download.

Please get back if this solves your issue.

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I checked with our network team and they said there is no indication that those domains are being blocked. They asked if there are any logs that we can look at. Is there a Postman log that might have more details, and if so, where is
the log?

Was there no resolution to this one?
I don’t have the ability to make changes in our firewall, is there no manual option to install the interceptor bridge?

@hal_g_poyta @dev.randybeal Could you please follow this document here that provides detailed steps on how to troubleshoot this further?

You should be able to download the bridge from the below links - based on your OS:

Also, the logs should for the Interceptor can be found by navigating below & Postman logs can be looked up as per this article here:

  • MacOS/ Linux: $HOME/.postman
  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.postman\
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