Unable to download Interceptor Bridge from within Postman

When turning on cookie capture from within Postman I kept getting a download failure perhaps because of a firewall issue. The only way to overcome this was to download it separately for Windows, install it then restart chrome. I used the link in Interceptor integration for Postman Native Apps
which was very helpful

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@holdep, can you tell us which version of postman you are using now? By following that link you mentioned do you see Interceptor connected on postman app?

I am using 7.20.0 Postman. If I run the install_host batch file from the extracted link download then re-open Chrome it shows as connected in Postman. But if I try to click the Install Interceptor Bridge button in Postman the download always fails with an internet connection failure which is nothing to do with internet connection.

@holdep INTERNET_CONNECTIVITY is an error code which is shown when there are proxy issue, firewall issue or no internet connection. Please refer to our troubleshooting document https://learning.postman.com/docs/postman/sending-api-requests/interceptor/#troubleshooting-tips for resolving the errors while installation.

There is nothing in the troubleshooting documents about how to resolve this. It is most likely a firewall issue which I have no control over. So the only option is to download it separately which I did. It is misleading and not helpful to have a download within the application itself when on a corporate basis this is likely to fail.It would be better therefore to have this extra piece of software as part of the Postman installation files.

Hi @holdep, did you manage to fix or work around this issue?