Interceptor download: "Node.js download failed"

Hi all,

Having some trouble getting the interceptor bridge working on my installation of Postman. When I try to download the interceptor, it gives me a non-specific “Download Failed” and a status of “DISCONNECTED”:


The folder .postman/InterceptorBridge gets created when trying to download, but the folder is empty.

I am behind a corporate firewall, so it could be this that is causing the issue, but I have set a .PEM file with certificates that should allow Postman through, and Postman is able to send normal POST/GET requests no problem.

I’ve tried running Postman as admin, no change.

Its also worth noting that Node.js is already installed on my machine, not sure how to point Postman to this installation though, as I’m pretty sure the environment variables are setup properly for it.

Anyone have a potential fix, or at least a way to obtain more information about what is causing the download to fail?


Hi @jleonard1042,
I am also facing the same issue. Did you got success in resolving this issue.
If yes, please help me in resolving this issue.

Me too, I am also blocked by my company’s firewall.