Manually Download and Install Interceptor Bridge

I work in a high security environment with tightly controlled access to the internet, so Postman will never be able to download and install Interceptor Bridge automatically.

I have been unable to find the method for downloading it and installing it manually. Is there any documentation on how to do this?

Thanks very much!

I believe I may be having the same issue, but without knowing it. Great support, guys, three weeks later and not even a chuckle? How about this… your documentation is wrong and has been from the beginning…

  1. Select Install Interceptor Bridge to download the Bridge, an independent executable that facilitates communication with the Interceptor.

If you’re on Windows or Linux, Postman will take care of everything for you. If you’re on MacOS, you’ll be prompted to install NodeJS if it’s not already installed on your computer.

The above is completely false if somethings broken in the background and you don’t SEE anything to “select,” AND don’t have access to any logs to diagnose.

This is really, really frustrating

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I am running into an issue with the interceptor tells me there’s “no connection.” Not sure if that’s what you are seeing. I have not resolved this yet and can’t tell from your post if you had the interceptor installed. I did not. I had not “button” to install inside of postman as what appeared to be available at one time. I located the manual download in the community comments. Not sure if you need it or it will help you. But here is the link:

Clearly the postman has some kind of disconnect with this functionality as it seems many people are hing this issue.

10 Seconds after I wrote my message to you after downloading and installing, I found the issue.
Interceptor is now connect.

I had to run postman as an Administrator.

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@crgmonroe Thanks for this, helped me out to find the install link as well.

I think this might be it:
I found it in the lower part of this page:

Hi all,

I just ran into the same issue. I tried installing the Interceptor bridge with MAC OS, just by running the shell script from finder. That looked like it did something, but I still got the very frustrating, “Download Interceptor Bridge” button which did nothing but fail in postman.

I ended up opening the downloaded package from the terminal, and tried to sudo run, but found the permissions were not correct.

I set them with:
chmod 755
from the package directory, and tried running it again:
sudo ./
This time, for whatever reason, it was throwing a conflict error, saying it couldn’t replace the folder, “Users/{{my-local-username}}/.postman/InterceptorBridge” with a non-folder.

I went to this location, and true enough, there was a folder there named InterceptorBridge. I’d say the script created it but forgot to include the folder in the path when moving the app. Except that doesn’t make sense cus it would have happened again when I ran it again. I don’t know why the folder was there - it’s weird. Anyway…

So go:
cd Users/{{your-local-username}}/.postman
and see if the folder is there. If so, delete it, and try
sudo ./
again from the package directory.

It worked for me - the next time I opened Postman, and went to sycn cookies, it has a green “Connected” symbol instead of the annoying download button!!

Woohoo. Good luck. Please improve this if you like - I’m in a rush to get back to work!

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