Postman export (collections or environments) broken - nothing happens

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When you an environment in “Environments” side tab, then use “Export” from three dots in top right, it used to save a copy of the environment. Now it doesnt. It doesnt do anything. No errors, no warnings, no popup to ask for where to save file, no files saved.

Ive already tried:

  1. killing postman and restarting it (I do this several times a day due to the various postman bugs).
  2. selecting a different profile (same error)
  3. having the required profile as “active”

The reason we need to export Environments (and collections) is so that we can check the file produced into our Git repo so other developers can pull it form git, then re-import it into their git.

MacOs 12.5.1
Postman client Version 10.9.4

Its worth noting that the update always fails, so im stuck on 10.9.4. Having used postman for years on both windows and mac, updates failing is pretty much normal.

Is this from the app or web?
What OS?

Works fine here in Postman for Windows, Version 10.10.9.
I just exported both Environment and Globals to seperate .json files.

Select Env, then either …

  • Env Quick Look > Edit > … > Export
  • Globals > Edit > export

Could be a write permission issue for your Windows profile, or a browser setting.
Have you tried running Postman as admin?

Interesting, I didnt even realise there was a web version. The web version seems to be more feature rich than the mac client, on the web I can click on the three dots next to an env and hit export and it works. On the Mac version, there is no export option under the 3 dots, its missing.


Mac client:

@niin I know this is an old post but Postman 10.16.3 Mac has the Export option on my device.

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While signed in and using the latest version of the platform (Web and App), you will see an Export option in the element’s View more actions menu: