Export environment broken on Mac

My question:
I was working with my environment variables when al of a sudden i cant export them anymore
When the “select path to save files” modal appears i have limited mouse navigation.
I can navigate with keyboard but cannot select a single folder to save to.
The save button remains disabled.

This also happens with the collections

I’ve already tried:
clear cache and restart
redownload postman.
also rebooted mac

postman: 9.15.2
mac with intel chip
MacOS 12.3

Hi @material-architect-7

Please try to use the most recent version of postman, and do sign out and sign in.

if still doesn’t work try exporting from postman web.


It is the latest version.
I also am not going to do it via postman web as it containt company info.
the windows version seems fine. I had to copy the content of the files to the windows version in order to export them.