Can't import or access to my scratchpad

Ok using Postman for a long time and it’s been nagging to create a workspace. I finally did it just to notice that all my collections have vanished. After 15 minutes of googling I figure out that there is a scratch pad option and voilà all the collections are there.

So while I googled I realized that there should be automatic functionality for importing local collections to workspace. Nice, I have plenty of them, but why didn’t it trigger… Well it seems that you need to log out and login. I can do that. I did it and had nag about updating postman. Ok Updating must the right course so I’ll update.

Restart postman and I’Il got to scratch pad. Cool now were talking I have nice window that tells me that “Important: Scratch Pad is being discontinued”. Ok I don’t mind that I want to move my stuff to workspace anyway. I’ll press the “Migrate Data to Workspace” and… Nothing happens. Dialog closes and no new collections are there. OK dialog says “is being discontinued”, so isn’t discontinued just yet. Ok I’ll just export everything manually… Oh… I can’t access my scratchpad anymore… F*ck…

Well that’s what you get for trusting a developer with your precious data. I know that those collections are somewhere on the disk. But where (using OSX Sonoma). I’ll do it my self then. Apparently with Postman you can’t trust it to do a simple export-import operation…

Hi @mission-operator-948. Welcome to the Postman Community :postman:

I’m sorry about your experience. Your data is still very safe and accessible.

From a signed in account, you can Migrate the data from Scratch Pad to a new Workspace using the ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Migrate data option. This also allows you to export your data.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!