Collections disappeared!

This was it! Thank you!

@numaan I am also having this issue and none of the options that have been suggested in this thread have fixed the issue. I’m hoping I can get help on this soon, as this is really impacting my ability to use Postman at all and I need it for my job! Thank you!

Looks like one big foobar mess by Google!

The collection disappeared just after mac reboot,
Now I see the blanc pages with “Request not found” where previously there were something I’ve spent several hours on -

Version 8.6.1 (8.6.1) (previously was no postman installed)

quite a blocker for considering putting any money into that tool, lesson learned.

Updated to newer version and I’m having the same issue. Some requests just disappeared.

If I open the web version I can still see the requests but there empty now. How is this possible?

Anyway to get my requests back? This is unacceptable.

I’m sure this has been posted, but I just had this issue. During Install process, I selected “Move To Workspace”, only my environments migrated - all my collections where gone.

I found this article to walk through exporting a scratch pad collection and importing into the logged in work space. Postman 8: bringing scratch pad into a workspace - #18 by Dishi_Mittal

It is showing the collections but on opening any of them in a new tab it shows not available…

This just happened to me too. Used the app yesterday for the first time in a month, shut down the computer for the night, only seeing collections from a month ago. Made sure to save the collections and requests multiple times. Able to see the tabs where I was working on requests yesterday, but Postman can’t find them. Going to the website, the requests from yesterday are also missing. I had an internet connection while saving the new collection and requests

I also yesterday, got annoyed into creating an account. After creating the account the app deleted my previous collections. Finally found a backups in appdata, but making an account has been the worst experience I’ve had with an app

V9.1.3 - Windows 10

Just happened to me and I don’t see why there is no fallback to use the local data. Time to move onto a better tool!

To everyone who’s still struggling to fix this issue -

You don’t need to downgrade.

Follow these easy steps

  1. Open settings > Data > Export Data.
  2. An email consisting this exported data will be sent to you. Download that data.
  3. Open Postman > Collections > Import > Folder … Choose the unzipped ‘collection’ folder of your exported data.
  4. Restart Postman

This just happened again to me. Request just disappeared before my eyes.

Not any respons from the devs, time to move on to an other app. Does someone have a tip for an good app?

This has just happened to me. Came back to Postman after a weekend away from it and everything has gone. Just paid my subscription too!

My collections are gone too. They dissapeared from Postman app on Mac. But they are present in

For a minute the collections were gone from the web postman too. And now everything returned…

Same thing happened to me, collection completely empty, and same thing in the web interface. But all of a sudden they appeared in the web interface and when restarting the app the collection was there as well.
some network issues in postman land?

@Reklaw-UK Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We are experiencing some downtime and our Engineering team is working quickly to get everything back up and running. We will keep you posted as soon as we have systems working as expected.


The status page has been updated:

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Here also, all collections are gone, on both the web interface and windows app.

Looks like I’ve got my Collections back, Thanks! :+1:

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Not sure if its the same issue but it looks like it could be. My imported collections are disappearing.

Postman’s Request log is full of errors like this example:

[9900][1638291139085][requester][error][“BaseSyncTimeline~getPendingServerChanges: Failed to sync a model”,{“model”:“collection”,“modelId”:“16935782-66320989-57b2-400f-a048-2298c9cd4c26”,“error”:{“name”:“instanceNotFoundError”,“message”:“We could not find the collection you are looking for”,“details”:{“model”:“collection”,“model_id”:“66320989-57b2-400f-a048-2298c9cd4c26”,“owner”:“16935782”}}}]
[9900][1638291139095][requester][warn][“Could not subscribe to collection:16935782-66320989-57b2-400f-a048-2298c9cd4c26”,{“name”:“Error”,“message”:“BaseSyncTimeline~getPendingServerChanges: Could not make /sync call. Exceeded maximum retry count for collection:16935782-66320989-57b2-400f-a048-2298c9cd4c26”,“stack”:“Error: BaseSyncTimeline~getPendingServerChanges: Could not make /sync call. Exceeded maximum retry count for collection:16935782-66320989-57b2-400f-a048-2298c9cd4c26\n at CollectionTimeline.getPendingServerChanges (file:///C:/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Local/Postman/app-9.0.9/resources/app.asar/js/vendor-shared.js:331459:13)\n at CollectionTimeline._sync (file:///C:/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Local/Postman/app-9.0.9/resources/app.asar/js/vendor-shared.js:330996:36)”}]