Collections disappeared!

@ckohout, @dannydainton,
This happened to me this weekend. Did you ever locate your collections? They are not online or in my app. I lost a ton of work, and it seems to have restored everything to a previous state because some collections that I’d renamed had their old names. The environments i deleted on Friday were back, and the one i created on Friday said “No Environment”. The weird thing is that if i right-click on “No Evironment”, I could update the variables for the new environment I’d created, and I could even update them. But that Environment is nowhere to be found otherwise. When i performed a Sync today, that ability disappeared with it. so strange.

our team collections keeps disappearing every other day, at first I thought I deleted them, but this morning disappeared while I was looking at it. They are not in Trash either. This is not acceptable for a paid application.
Version 7.26.0 (7.26.0) macOS

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Did you ever find out anything?

@mojtaba @lkhemani doesn’t sound great, sorry to hear this! Would it be possible to raise a support ticket and send your logs as well as a screen record that shows how to replicate the behavior?

Hey @dannydainton, i am encountering the same since yesterday. i updated to the latest version of postman and after the update, boom, all the collections were gone. Unfortunately I did not synced them with the repository. Is there any way to restore them locally?

@baljindernohra I wonder if you’re encountering a similar problem to what I described here - Postman 8: bringing scratch pad into a workspace If you click on the Settings gear icon in the upper right of the app, do you see “Scratch pad”? If so, select it and see if that reveals your missing collections.


Hey @mpassell, what happened for me was that after updating to version 8, my collections were present in postman. But after closing and running the postman again, there were all gone. Also I updated the postman manually, but now when i open it, its the older version with no collections

Sorry. Sounds like it’s probably not related, then. Good luck!

Hi all, same thing happened to me today, after upgrading to 8.0.2.
Upgrade downloaded and installed, Postman restarted, collections disappeared.
It seems I’m logged, and I see some old collection I created years ago (2017), already deleted in the last year.
All the collections of the last 2 years seems lost. I’m crying.
Hope someone can help us :wink:

@michele.svanosio @baljindernohra Could you send your application logs to us at

You can find the logs at (View > Developer > View Logs) menu.

Also you can try downgrading your application to the latest v7 release to restore your collections

Here are the download links to the latest v7 version:

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@numaan do i need to uninstall the previous version and then install the latest v7 release?

@baljindernohra If you are on macOS or Linux, you can unzip the package and overwrite the v8.0 app. If you are on Windows, you can run the Setup file and it’ll install v7 on your system.

Please do not uninstall or cleanup any local files, it might cleanup your v7 data too.

Also having this same problem. I upgraded to 8 when I got the prompt this morning logging in. It’s as if my account has been entirely wiped clean both in the client and on the web version. Empty workspace, no collections, environments, history, anything. Downgrading didn’t help. :frowning:

Looks like I have some backups from a month ago, but the recent ones are empty.

I imported that and this looks like it should get me 99% back where I want to be. Pretty scary though.

I do see a backup json in C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Postman. The backup json file has the date and time that is few hours before i updated to version 8. But it doesn’t import anything.

Yes, the recent ones for me were useless, but I had one with my data in it going back about a month. In my case, this mostly helps me out, but I wouldn’t get everything. Maybe you can find something older which will at least help you get mostly back? Look for a backup file with a much larger file size in that directory.

@dale.wiggins @baljindernohra Did you try reverting to v7.x?

yes, that’s what i meant by downgrading didn’t help.

I’m having the same issue. This is the second time this has happened.
downgrading to version 7 did not help whatsoever.
Workspaces still show up with no collection in them at all. WTF sort of application DELETES data upon an upgrade?!

This app costs the USERS money by simply using it. Why should they pay to use this?

@numaan Yes, i tried reverting back to the precious version. That did not help at all. Month’s worth of work is gone now. Very disappointed.

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@dale.wiggins I only see one backup file which is only 1 kb. and that doesn’t import anything. I have to start from scratch again. :frowning: