Why updating erased my hundreads of collections?

All my collections with thousands of requests just diappeared after updating from v7.36.1 to v8.0.2. This is really annoying!!! Where can I find the local hostory copy and restore them? Does postman store the data somewhere on disk?


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Hi @sunnyyeti, welcome to the community. :wave:

Usually, the process of updating shouldn’t have a negative impact on your data.
If you have previously synced your data to Postman’s servers you should be able to log in and see your data populating.

If you are unsure whether you have synced your information, you can go to http://go.postman.co/ and login there, in case your data (collections, environments, etc…,) is there, that means sync was enabled for your account and once you login into your Postman desktop application it should populate there too.

In case you are unable to see your collections on Postman Web App You can try recovering data by utilising the automated data backups that Postman creates locally.

You can achieve that by following this article: How to recover my data

I still recommend checking out whether your data is synced to our servers first, before trying out local back-ups to restore your data, as the process of syncing is smoother.

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@sunnyyeti I wonder if you’re encountering a similar problem to what I described here - Postman 8: bringing scratch pad into a workspace If you click on the Settings gear icon in the upper right of the app, do you see “Scratch pad”? If so, select it and see if that reveals your missing collections.

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What if the scratch pad does NOT appear there?