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I just received an email, that I have used 90% of the requests in your Postman monitoring plan.
By my pricing plan, it’s 9000 but when I count the number of requests in collections times the number of monitors upon the collections I got only 4224 requests so I am confused, how to count the number of all requests.

And the second question does 1000 requests pack add to my account automatically or I need to ask for that?

Hello @MartinVarga,
Welcome to our Postman community :slight_smile: Would you check to see if any of your monitors have multiple regions selected? This will increase the usage amount, because the requests are being made multiple times, from different regions.

Also, Monitoring usage depends on the number of calls made and not on how many requests you have in your collection. It’s worth checking if your Collections contain any Test or Pre-request scripts that might affect total usage per-run. These include:
postman.setNextRequest() pm.sendRequest()

I hope this helps, let me know if you still have any questions on the same.

Hello @asha.singh,
thank you for the reply. I don’t use any Pre-request script, only test script with response validation functions. Location in monitors is set to one place only. Is there any possibility to find when and how many requests are used?

Hi @MartinVarga,

You can check the Resource usage by heading to–>

Additionally, you can also navigate to the below page to have more context about monitoring usage you can go to this page:

Hope this helps!


Thanks, @asha.singh,
your reply helped :slight_smile:

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