Pricing postman

The pricing section is not 100% clear to me as I am fairly new to api’s and such. I have created a monitoring api call which performs multiple request after each other. I believe it is like 6 get’s and multiple puts e.g. 4. The 10 api calls I make is this something which is limited by Postman. So let’s say I make 1000 api calls in a month or more do I have to pay…?

The free package says: max# of free calls to postman api, but this is not what I am doing as I am making calls to woocommerce/wordpress.

Hello @KPas :wave:

I get that since you are new, seems like you are a bit confused.

If you click the arrow next to the “Upgrade” button, you will have the drop down which explains you better. To see detailed view you click on “Resource Usage” under that.

For normal API calls there’s no restriction, you can definitely do more than 1000 :innocent: :partying_face:

Postman API is a set of API endpoints which helps you to interact with your Postman Account, Collection and Requests. You can check here to understand the details/capabilities of Postman API.

Also I wrote a blog few months ago in details about Postman API, feel free to check that if you are interested.

I hope this helped you, please let me know if this is still unclear :raised_hands:


Great! This explanation really helps!

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