1000 API Request limit on free accounts

Hi, does the 1000 API request limit on free accounts include all requests made via postman, or just to postman? It sounds like the latter, yet we’ve hit it and I can’t see how we’d do that unless it’s counting every request to our API as well


Are you making calls to the Postman API as well? We don’t count calls other than those to our API :slight_smile:
If you are having issues with the limits, please reach out to support!


This is a bit old and as such might be resolved but I wanted to comment to post my finding for future people. You should be able to check your API use here (https://web.postman.co/usage).

This might be caused if you are actually running Newman and pulling your collections/environments locally before running them.

What do you mean exactly with Postman API?
So as far as I understand I can make so many requests as I want to other API and execute it via newman without usage limit right?


This is the Postman API:

Calls to this API will be limited, based on your license type.

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So, there is no limit to make requests to another api even using newman and running in Jenkins?

Nope, not from Postman.

If you’re making these in a Personal Workspace. The Team Workspaces, for Free users, have limits on Shared Requests and the Shared History but you will see visual warnings for these before you hit the thresholds.

Only restrictions that I can think of would be from the API itself…request limits per day, rate limited, etc.

I did a collection of requests to this API https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com, I’m running the collection on my workspace and I can see that usage is always 0. I exported the collection and upload it to my Gitlab repository with Newman installed to execute it in Jenkins. I always see that usage is 0. I’m not sharing the collection via Postman as I export it. Is there any kind of usage limit doing that?

No, not if you’re exporting the collection and using Newman to run it from Jenkins/any other similar tool.

Unless you decide to use the Postman API to run the same sync collection, rather than exporting it each time you make a change to it in the UI. Then you’ll be limited to 1000 calls a month.

That’s obviously not the API endpoint you’re going to hitting so my point still remains about the limits and restrictions coming from the API owner, which has noting to do with Postman.