Postman New UI 8.0.3 Where did the "Count" go?

I have just recently Updated my Postman Version to 8.0.3 and got the “New UI”

I the previous versions the there was a “Count” of the number of requests that were contained within a Collection that showed up adjacent to the collection name.
I’m not seeing this count any more.
Did this get Moved?

  • If so where too?


  • I hope not as we used this as part of our Management of close to 7000 requests in 29 collections that we run on a daily basis.
  • if this is the case is there an “easy” way to get a count of the number of requests in a collection without actually “Counting” them one by one. We use a multi level request set structure that would make this very tedious and time consuming.

I agree. It was a useful feature. Any chance we could get the count back? Or an option to turn it on.

Hey @ScottTaylor1986 / @allen888 :wave:

This was removed as part of the major UI update that came with the V8 release, we are listening to this feedback and the team is working on adding this information back into the new UI. :heart:

No timelines available for this work yet.


we need this back, please!
It contains a valuable information,
Is there a way to get this info somehow in Postman 8?