Need help regarding monitor limit

I created a monitor and ran my collection and later got a mail from postman stating that I have exhausted all my monitor calls for the current month.

Can some one from the postman team help me out with resetting the limit.

I ran the monitor a only a couple of times, so I am not sure why the monitor reached the limit.

I tried deleting the monitor and adding a new one. Now when I run the monitor, I am getting the error message: "Monitor couldn’t be run’

We need to test the monitor as part of the hackathon, so any help from the team would be highly appreciated.

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Thank you for reaching out to us, I understand that you are unable to run the monitor since it hits the limit, correct?

The limit that’s imposed on usage of the monitoring feature is on the number of requests sent by your (or your team’s) monitors.
Refer to the below link for more details:
How monitors are billed?
And for the error message that you get while deleting the monitor, please try out the below steps
“error: The monitor run couldn’t be completed” due to one of the following:

  1. Postman service downtime ( should indicate our service status)
  2. DNS resolution errors (this is also the case for localhost URLs or URLs on an internal network)
  3. Syntax errors or exceptions in your pre-request/test scripts
  4. The 5-minute limit for a collection run being breached

I hope the above information helped!
Please feel free to add any additional context in a comment

I’ll check back in, but if you have any other questions feel free to send them over as well.


I am running into this also. Did you find a solution?