Collection Runner

I am using a free account. Is there any limitation like how many numbers of API requests i can run at one time? 1 have 108 API requests to test but when i run the collection runner it executes only 48 APIs.

Hi @deepak.nangla,

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There is no limitation on the number of requests that you can run using the collection runner. The reason for the execution of only 48 requests - might be related to the skipping of the API request when “pm.setNextRequest” is used in pre-request or test request scripts in the collection. I would recommend you to check if “pm.setNextRequest” is used in any pre-request or test request scripts in your collection requests - to validate this case. (Please refer given link for more info. on this)

Another reason can be deselecting specific requests - this way the deselected requests are skipped during the collection run. (refer attached screenshot)