New to open source . Looking for guidance and mentoring to get started

Hello Everyone! I am Hritik and based out of India. I want to begin my journey of Open Source Contribution and was looking at last year GSoC ideas page. I am interested in Idea 6 (Contributing to Postman Public Workspace). Though I don’t have much experience of the code base or software development. I am looking for guidance and mentoring so that I can begin this awesome journey!

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Hey Hritik, nice to meet you. Welcome to the Postman Community :rocket: I love your enthusiasm.

Are you a student, by any chance? If so, you are invited to join the Postman Student Community discord. There’s actually an open source hackathon kickoff starting shortly.

If not, public workspaces are a great way to get started in the Postman community. Sharing our work and best practices together makes us all better practitioners. Totally okay to not have much coding or software development experience! Your perspective is valuable. Would you be interested in contributing to an existing public workspace, or creating your own?

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