Need Guidance to get start the contribution

Dear Postman Team,

I am M Manideep, computer science engineering student. I am writing to express my keen interest in contributing to Postman for Google Summer of Code 2024. As I believe in starting early to gain a deeper understanding of the codebase, I am eager to dive into the project and familiarize myself with the intricacies of Postman’s systems.

To make the most of this preparatory period, I kindly request your assistance in assigning some “good first issues” or beginner-friendly tasks. This will enable me to immerse myself in the project, understand its structure, and contribute meaningfully to the community.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with Postman, and I am committed to dedicating my time and skills to make valuable contributions to the organization.

Thank you for considering my request. I eagerly await your guidance and the chance to contribute to Postman.

Hey @manideep2323 :wave:

There currently hasn’t been a decision made yet, if Postman is participating in the 2024 GSoC.

I would suggest checking back in, in a month or so to see the progress here.

Hello Sir @danny-dainton any updates on the GSoC 2024 for Postman ?

Hey @danny-dainton, any news on Postman joining GSOC’24? I’m excited to contribute and learn alongside the Postman community.

Hey @mission-saganist-703 / @science-cosmonaut-40 :wave:

Apologies for the lack of response here, I was waiting to get some clarification from the team.

All of the GSOC communication from the Postman side, will be handled in this Github repo:

That’s the best place to see all the latest information. :pray: