New here, want to get started with contributions in Postman's open source projects

Hey, my name is Gaurav Agarwal. I am a student pursuing my undergraduate degree from IIT Guwahati, India. I am familiar with Node JS, API design, React JS, and Python. Looking to start contributing here as I’ve been using Postman for quite a long now for my basic tasks and I love it. Can someone please guide me to a starting point or a beginner-friendly issue?

Hi there @spacecraft-cosmolog4 - welcome to the community! There’s lots of ways to contribute:

Check out the Learning Center docs, especially the contributing guidelines. And then look for any issues marked Good first issue: Issues · postmanlabs/postman-docs · GitHub

Hey @joyce, thanks for the reply. I was looking to contribute but couldn’t find any active good first issue available. Can you please help out with this?

@joyce Is Postman going to apply for GSoC mentoring org this year?

Hey @spacecraft-cosmolog4 ,
The process for organizations applying to GSoC hasn’t started yet. But if we’re participating in GSoC 2022, we’ll be sure to let you know :smiley: